School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of St. Cuthbert’s R.C. High School.  It is compulsory that only those items stipulated within the uniform list (below) are permissible to be worn by our students. The official school uniform must be worn by all students who are on roll at St. Cuthbert’s R.C. High School at all times, without exception.

Full details of our school uniform and our uniform policy can be found on our website.  Parents are strongly advised to consult our “Acceptable School Shoe” before purchasing school shoes.

Official School Uniform list  ​

•  Black blazer with school badge

•  School tie

•  White shirt, buttoned to the neck

•  St. Cuthbert’s mid-grey knee-length skirt (with school badge) /mid grey trousers.

•  Black tights (preferable)

•  Black or white socks

•  Tailored, full length mid-grey trousers  (no skinny/tight  trousers or jeans, track suit bottoms, culottes, ski pants, leggings or jeggings)

•  Black shoes (school shoes must not display sports logo ie Nike, Adidas etc. on the actual shoe.

•  Optional V-neck grey sweater

•  Religious dress (plain black Hijab or turban)

•  Jewellery and piercings  – 1 pair of small studs  in lower earlobe and wristwatch only (smart watches are not permitted)

PE Kit

• Red St Cuthbert’s branded T-Shirt or black St Cuthbert’s branded ½ zip long-sleeved top

• Plain black socks

• Plain black St Cuthbert’s branded shorts, St Cuthbert’s branded jogging pants, or St Cuthbert’s branded leggings

• Pumps or suitable trainers (indoor)

• Football boots or suitable trainers (outdoor)


Please note: The colour of trousers and skirt is mid-grey; charcoal or black is not acceptable.

•  Skirts must be knee-length.

• Shoes must be all black with a sensible heel. Boots, trainers (including any sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse or Lacoste), platform shoes, canvas shoes or leisure shoes are not acceptable. Parents are strongly advised to consult our website before purchasing school shoes. Students wearing incorrect footwear will be offered replacement shoes to borrow until appropriate footwear is worn. Failure to wear appropriate school shoes may result in the student working in internal exclusion