Our approach to homework is simple: we want a system that will help all of our students to know and remember more in the long term and truly be ‘the best that they can be’. Research conducted by the EEF in 2020 concluded that homework can result in five months’ additional progress. Our aim is for every child to achieve more and maximise their learning in school.

‘Need to Know’ and ‘Getting Ready’ Homework

Students in Years 10 and 11 will be expected to complete at least 90 minutes of homework per day.

This will be issued on ClassCharts (which can be found here).

They will complete 30 minutes of ‘Need to Know’ homework : This will include 25 minutes of self-quizzing using their knowledge organiser (further information about how to do this can be found in the Knowledge Organiser section of the website) followed by a quick Microsoft Forms test to check they have understood and remembered what they have learnt.

In addition to this they will complete a ‘Getting Ready’ homework that prepares them for their GCSE exams. This might be completing a past paper, or creating revision materials. Please see the homework timetable on the website for more information about this.

As with the ‘Need to Know’  homework, students will be rewarded by their teachers for completing homework. If it is not done they will be supported to complete it in a homework detention.

There is no option for students to fall behind with homework. We have the highest expectations of what your child can achieve. If we work in partnership then all St Cuthbert’s students will truly ‘be the best that they can be’.

Tips to help your child successfully complete homework:

•    Monitor ClassCharts and engage with any messages home
•    Set a regular time every day for homework
•    Ensuring that your child has the resources needed
•    Reminding your child of deadlines
•    Making it clear to your child that you value the importance of homework, explain to them how it can help them to progress.
•    Praise them for working hard
•    Contact school promptly if you encounter any technical issues at home