A very warm welcome from the Governing Board of St. Cuthbert’s Roman Catholic High School!

We are proud of the work of St. Cuthbert’s and the contribution that the School makes to our local community in Rochdale. As Governors, we strive to live up to the School’s motto to “Be that best that we can be in everything that we do.” The Governing Board has an important role in helping the School to deliver the best possible education for each and every one of its pupils. The Governor Board has 3 main functions:

1. To ensure the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

2. To hold School leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff.

3. To oversee the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

The Governing Board takes these responsibilities very conscientiously. We are determined to make the School ‘the best that it can be’ and our main purpose as a Governor, is to enhance the life chances of the students who attend St. Cuthbert’s. The Governing Board wants each individual to achieve their absolute best over their time in School so that they can fulfil their potential in life. The essential work of St. Cuthbert’s is to develop the physical, intellectual, social, moral and spiritual character of each young person.

As a Catholic School, the Governing Board ensures that our faith is central to the work of the School; it is inclusive of all staff and students regardless of their beliefs. Our faith and values determine all that the School offers. The excellent pastoral care system in School starts with the fundamental belief that each student is a child of God and should be treated and cared for on this basis. The School’s core values of Service, Stewardship, Respect, Compassion and Love are the essence of this belief.

The School’s curriculum is constantly being enhanced to better develop the pupils’ academic experience and to lead to greater success for each pupil. As Governors, we ensure that the curriculum is broad and balanced and is well delivered. We check that all pupils are provided with many opportunities beyond the classroom as this is important in developing the different talents and interests of our students.

The Governing Board has a fundamental role in monitoring the financial life of the School. We want to ensure that the money received by the School is spent wisely and in the best possible way for pupils. It is our duty to see that the buildings are well maintained and that facilities in School are first class. This is a constantly developing duty and the Governors are pleased with what the School site has to offer.

Despite all the difficulties that the Coronavirus has caused to all schools, there is a feeling of great pride in how the staff and students of St. Cuthbert’s have coped with great resilience throughout this period. The School has offered and delivered fantastic support to all connected in a myriad of ways. There is a great sense of community at the School; this means that many teachers continue to teach there for many years because they enjoy working at St. Cuthbert’s. The Governing Board are delighted to be serving this community and warmly welcome everyone who would like to share this sense of community with us all.

Mr. David Conlon

(Chair of Governors)

Our school governors are:

Mr Dave Conlon (Foundation – Chair)

Mr Frank Gac (Foundation – Vice Chair)

Fr Michael Johonnett (Foundation)

Mrs Geraldine Cockcroft (Foundation)

Mrs Helen Arnold (Foundation)

Mrs Tina Nightingale (Foundation)

Mr Jason Sharp (Parent Governor)

Mr James Hughes (Parent Governor)

Mrs Kelly Fairbrother (Staff Governor)

If you would like to write to the chair Governor please send to “C/O Mr D Conlon, St. Cuthbert’s RC High School, Shaw Road, Rochdale, OL16 4RX”

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