Rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church, the curriculum at St Cuthbert’s provides ambitious educational opportunities for all members of our community. The curriculum equips our students with the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics to flourish as global citizens, bringing about the Common Good.


At St Cuthbert’s RC High School we know that in order to flourish, students need to build their knowledge carefully and systematically.

Think of learning like building a wall: every new thing you learn build on something you already know. If the knowledge isn’t secure before you move on, it is really hard to build that stable knowledge and understanding that ultimately leads to success.

Knowledge organisers help to ensure that the bottom row – the knowledge that we need to have a good, basic understanding of each subject – is solid.

But just reading or copying the information won’t make it stick!

Research says that learning happens most effectively when our brains have to retrieve information. Think about when you set a new password: you will find it really hard to remember until you have had to enter it a few times. This is why all of the techniques we recommend students use focus on retrieving information.

When students focus on learning this crucial information at home, it frees up lesson time so that the teacher can develop, extend, challenge, apply and make links…. All the complex techniques that successful people need to be able to do in the 21st Century!

Students have been issued with a Need to Know booklet. The information in this includes all the Knowledge Organisers from each subject as well as hints and tips for how to self-test. This document should be kept safe at home and stored with the exercise book issued by school. It will provide immediate relevant materials for all subjects and should be used immediately if students are isolating at home and remote learning is not yet available to them. Additionally, your child should be encouraged to do daily self-testing using the methods they have been taught at school.

Please click on the file below to see how you can use knowledge organisers effectively at home.