Head of Year – Mr M. Lockett

I am immensely proud to have worked at St Cuthbert’s RC High School for 13 years. I really enjoy all the different elements of my job, especially the mix of teaching PE lessons and guiding the year 7 students through the first stages of their secondary education. In what could be described as very strange times, please be assured that we are doing everything possible to make your transition from Primary school to Secondary school as positive and enjoyable as possible. We have lots planned for you when we finally meet and I look forward to working with every single one of you.


With teaching PE, I enjoy a wide variety of sports (especially football, basketball and athletics). I also have a young family and I enjoy spending lots of time with them and unsuccessfully trying to tire them out.


–    Spending time with my family
–    Sports

My favourite part of being a Head of Year?

I enjoy meeting and supporting our new students through a very important and exciting time in their lives. I am an advocate for rewarding pupils and I am looking forward to the variety of ways you can be rewarded from the very first time we meet.