St Cuthbert’s RC High School prides itself on upholding the dignity and worth of all children within school, therefore the enrichment programme will allow all students of God to have an equal opportunity in life.

The enrichment programme aims to develop a sense of belonging to “Our School” for all students whilst developing students’ cultural capital and character education. The aim of St Cuthbert’s Enrichment programme is to help students to develop their interests and abilities, provide valuable learning experiences outside their academic studies and promote independence and interpersonal links with students in other years.

The enrichment programme has been designed to support students develop the essential skills they will need to progress onto higher education and employment.

‘The Best of Us’ newsletter and podcast is created by students within our school community with the help from Mrs McCabe and Mr Harwood. Each week, the students participate in different activities around a chosen theme which aids the students with the knowledge and understanding to create their own newsletter.

‘The Human Library’ invites a guest into school to speak to students about the month’s chosen theme. Students will also watch a series of virtual interviews, podcasts and videos about the surrounding theme. Pupil’s then share their experiences with each other, compare what they have done and discuss how they have embedded the monthly theme into their own lives. Finally, the students work together to complete the creation of the podcast and newsletter.

Debate Mate runs after-school debating clubs in primary and secondary schools across the UK. In previous years, Debate Mate has held the Debate Mate Cup Final at the Houses of Parliament and Westminster City Hall; students debated important issues around climate change, the rise of technology and its place in today’s society, as well as political issues such as prison reform.

Students will learn the art of debating and how to debate in a formal setting. The club will be run by specially trained university students and the techniques are delivered through a series of fun and interactive exercises and games.

This is an extremely exciting opportunity for students at St Cuthbert’s RC High School and will benefit their educational achievement as well as helping them to develop key skills.

Debate Mate

Urban Debate League 1

The Brilliant club is an opportunity for students to stretch their brains and develop learning skills centred around, but not limited to, English.  Students will be exploring a range of different Literary genres, beginning with the Gothic genre and developing a range of university friendly skills. Later in the course, there are opportunities to meet PhD students and learn about University life – including a university visit!