How to apply for a place at St. Cuthbert’s

Admissions to St. Cuthbert’s are processed by your local authority.

​If you live in Rochdale please apply here, if you live in Oldham please apply here, and if you live in Lancashire please apply here.

​Our admissions policy can be found here:

Within-Year Transfers between Secondary Schools:

Parents/carers who would like their child to transfer to St. Cuthbert’s RC High School from another secondary school must complete a Within-Year Transfer Application Form and return this to the School Admissions Team. Please visit the following page of Rochdale Council’s website for more information:

In-Year Transfer Application

Within Year Transfer Application Form

f you live in another authority, you will need to apply through the local authority in which you live

Evidence of Faith:

For a child to be considered Roman Catholic, evidence of Faith must be provided to the school in the form of a certificate of Roman-Catholic baptism.
Governors will also accept confirmation from the child’s Roman-Catholic primary school that a child has been baptised if this information is verified as part of their admissions process. If the parent/carer cannot produce a certificate of baptism, Governors will accept verification from the Parish Priest that there is a baptismal entry in parish records. If a child has been received into the Roman-Catholic faith from the Church of England, Governors will require evidence of baptism and that the child has completed the Sacramental Programme to become Roman Catholic. If a child is due to be baptised or received into the Roman-Catholic faith, this must take place before the deadline for applications, and evidence provided, in order for him/her to be ranked as Roman Catholic on the offer list.
It remains the responsibility of parents and carers to provide evidence of faith to the school, where applicable, at the application stage.

Published Admissions Number (PAN)

Please refer to the information in the relevant year’s Admissions Policy.
Please note: Governors have agreed to increase the PAN applicable to Y7 entry in September 2020 to 250. This is in response to a request by the Local Authority

How we allocate places:

The policy of the Governing Board is to admit pupils, on demand, up to the school’s Published Admission Number. Where there are more applications than there are places available, a waiting list is maintained, ranked in accordance with the admissions/over-subscription criteria. If a place becomes available, it will be awarded to the child at the top of the waiting list.

Admissions Criteria & Over-Subscription Criteria

Please refer to the information in the relevant year’s Admissions Policy


If an application for admission or a within-year transfer request has been turned down by the Governing Board, parents/carers can appeal to an independent Appeals Panel. This appeal must be made in writing to Rochdale Local Authority Legal Services Team within 20 school days of notification of refusal. There is more information on the following page of Rochdale Council’s website:

Mr Shields offers tours of the school to prospective parents, please contact Mrs G Davis on 01706 390623 or email