St Cuthbert’s is a Roman Catholic High School serving the Catholic and wider community of Rochdale.  While many of our  staff and students are Catholic, we have many from other faiths and welcome everyone who shares our values regardless  of their religious denomination.

St Cuthbert’s is a vibrant, diverse, and innovative school.  Our faith is our inspiration and we aspire for all members of our  community to ‘Be the best that we can be in everything that we do’.  In order to achieve this we provide a truly holistic  education for all of our students.  We provide an excellent and rapidly improving academic experience for all.  We also  have a major focus on other key aspects of growth and education.  This includes personal development, spirituality,  physical and mental wellbeing, social development and citizenship.

Our curriculum has been designed to match the needs, interests and aspirations of our community.  It is broad and balanced and intended to support and prepare students with their lifelong learning.  We want our students to be successful, creative, engaged learners.  We want their curriculum experience to prepare them for the next phase of their lives and to give them genuine choices and opportunities to do whatever they want in life.

Our pastoral care is based upon our core values of service, stewardship, respect, compassion and love.  We believe all of our students are children of God and they are treated and cared for as such.  Through our interaction with students we hope to help them become the kind of citizens who make a positive contribution to society and are a credit to themselves, their families and to St Cuthbert’s.

If you are already a member of our community or looking to become one, please feel welcome to ask us any questions or even come in for a visit.  Our website contains much information about us.  Please have a look and see what we do.  We have many events in school to which our community are invited.  Parents can also arrange for a tour of the school during term time to see us in action.  We are very proud of what we do and of our students and welcome any visitors.

Mr D Shields