The curriculum at St Cuthbert’s provides ambitious educational opportunities for all members of our community. The curriculum equips our students with the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics they need to flourish as literate, articulate, global citizens, who fulfil the Catholic Mission to bring about the Common Good.

When We Say…

We Mean…

“Ambitious educational opportunities for all.”

  • Opportunity for all students to study a strong academic core of subjects.
  • The majority of students study the EBacc.
  • Sharing “the best of what has been said and done” to all students.

“Knowledge, skills and personal characteristics”

  • Knowledge: what students know and can remember.
  • Skills: how students apply what they know to different contexts in different ways.
  • Personal Characteristics: the characteristics that enable students to enjoy success at St. Cuthbert’s and beyond.
  • A clutter free, knowledge rich curriculum enables our students to take full advantage of future opportunities.
  • Skills for Life curriculum delivered to all students prepares our students for the responsibilities and experiences of their current and later life.

“Global Citizens”

  • The academic, enrichment and personal development curricula supports students in understanding the wider world and their place in it.

“Fulfil the Catholic Mission to bring about the Common Good.”

  • We develop students who act in the interests of all, not just themselves.
  • Our Catholic ethos and Religious Education curriculum develops student’s awareness of social conditions which allow people to reach their fulfilment more fully.
  • We live by our 5 core values of love, respect, compassion, service and stewardship.