Parent Pay online Payments

To make a payment please proceed to

Activating a ParentPay account.

To use Parentpay you will need a personal email address, if you do not have one please sign up via Gmail/Outlook etc

This will be your username and how Parentpay contact you.

1. Go to

2. Select Login

3. The school will have provided you with an activation letter, please follow these instructions, if you have not received a letter please contact us, if you are adding a new student and already have a Parentpay account do not activate, log into your current account and click add child/pupil.

4. Complete the setup as per instructions on the screen.

Please note: Once you have setup an account the school cannot access any information due to it being a financial platform, any changes such as address, telephone and email must be performed on the Parentpay website by yourselves. Password resets can be done via the forgot password link when signing in.